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“Now You Can STOP Your Difficulty With Drinking Cups Even If You’ve Tried Physical Therapy, Drinking Aids Or Even Medication Before With Little Or No Significant Signs Of Improvement!”

Discover The REAL Secret To Making Drinking Easier Despite Pain, Tremor, Weakness or Limited Dexterity - Safely and Naturally... Guaranteed!

Are you sick and tired of finding cups difficult to use?

Does it seem like no matter what you try - or how much money you spend - you NEVER seem to be able to drink without spills, feeling pain, exhaustion, dependent on others or embarrasment?

Well, be sure to read this entire letter very carefully, because we’re about to show you how you can safely and easily STOP your difficulty with drinking cups due to pain,tremor, weakness, limited dexterity or other health conditions...

... and start feeling confident, comfortable, independent, happy, dignified, in control, healthy and sociable!

Why We’re The Ones To Help You With Your Difficulty With Drinking Cups...

Hello, my name is Chris Peacock, and I’m the director of handSteady Ltd, an international company based in Cambridge (UK) that specializes in manufacturing the handSteady cup.

We’ve helped thousands of individuals to make drinking easier all around the world since 2012 with our unique and innovative handSteady cup, which has won awards from Dyson, Lord Snowdon, The Guardian and Help the Aged.

We’ve been featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Discovery News, Channel 5 France, Reader’s Digest, CNET, Scope, Forbes and NBC. And we have many well known partners, endorsers, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, care homes and individuals who use our solution.

The Story Behind Our Search For A Remedy

We first got interested in developing a remedy for people who find drinking cups difficult after my family member was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I could see this affect his ability to hold and use a cup safely and with confidence. I knew that not being able to drink easily was going to negatively impact his quality of life in the years to come.

At the time I was doing a Masters in Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art (London), so I made searching for a remedy the subject of my major project.

We Left No Stone Unturned In Our Search For the Solution

We spent 4 years working to come up with a solution to the difficulty with drinking cups that was BOTH safe and effective.

We tested many different possible solutions using motion detectors and electric motors, pneumatic pumps, gyroscopes and low friction mechanisms with ball bearings. We created numerous prototypes using 3D printers as well as professional model makers, then tested and refined these with over 100 health experts and individuals.

Finally, all the hard work, research, design and testing paid off...

We discovered a completely natural solution to the difficulty with drinking cups that didn’t involve toxic or harmful prescription drugs, expensive trips to the doctor, and didn’t carry any harmful side effects.

Just a simple, normal looking cup without any electronics that is the first and only cup with a Rotatable Handle - made possible with ball bearings within the handle.

Introducing handSteady: The Safe and Natural Way To END Your Difficulty With Drinking Cups

The revolutionary answer for difficulty with drinking cups due to tremor, weakness, pain, limited dexterity and other conditions is called handSteady, and it’s a unique and innovative cup that reduces spills and increases control and comfort.

handSteady looks like a normal cup but has 2 ball bearings inside the handle to create a unique Rotatable Handle. As you're about to discover, this makes drinking easier in a number of unique ways.

It also has other helpful features including a Hidden Lid accessory, lightweight (100g / 3.5 oz), microwave and dishwasher safe, handle large enough for up to 4 fingers and it's made from BPA free polypropelene material.

You simply start using it for a few days and before long, you’ll notice that you no longer have the difficulty with drinking cups that’s been a part of your life for so long!

Here’s How handSteady Works To Eliminate Your Difficulty With Drinking Cups Due To Pain Tremor, Weakness or Limited Dexterity...

The reason you may find normal cups difficult to use might be because the handles are fixed. By enabling the handSteady handle to rotate smoothly through 360 degrees using two self-lubricating ball bearings hidden inside the handle, you are able to overcome many challenges caused by health conditions.

Let's Begin By Holding It...
It Stays Upright!

If you clasp the Rotatable Handle, you will see that you can hold it at any comfortable angle and gravity will keep the cup upright and steady.

But How Do You Tilt It To Drink?

Unlike normal cups, with handSteady you don't need to twist your wrist to tilt the cup. Instead, you hold the handle close to your mouth and use your mouth, thumb or other hand to pivot the cup.

This might seem strange at first, but after a few days it feels more natural and a more comfortable, controlled and easier way to drink.

To tilt handSteady with your mouth, connect your mouth with the rim of the cup and bow your head, push your head forward or lift the handle upwards.

To tilt handSteady with your thumb, press your thumb down on the cup's rim.

To tilt handSteady with your other hand, push the base of the cup with your other hand.

Can You Use It As A Carer Or Feeder Cup?

Yes, definitely. Ask the person who's helping you to hold the handle close to your mouth. Then tilt it by pivoting it with your mouth or hand. This gives you partial independence, comfort and more control over the liquid flow as you're not needing to take the weight of the cup.

Your helper will also find this more comfortable and controlled than other cups, especially if they need to help you tilt the cup.

What About Weakness And Pain?

The large sized handle and lightweight material (half the weight of a normal cup) reduces pressure on your on your wrist and fingers. This makes drinking less effort and increases comfort.

But with handSteady you can also use it without bending your wrist, elbow or leaning your head back as far by letting gravity keep the cup upright and pivoting the cup to drink with your mouth or other hand. Again this increases comfort and reduces strength required to drink.

So How Do You Keep It Stable?

Start by positioning your elbow on a table, arms of a chair or anchored into your side. This immediately can give stability as you're reducing the impact of instability or tremor from the shoulder and body on the cup.

If you have twisting tremor in your forearm, you can hold the handle at 90 degrees with your palm facing up or down. In this position your tremor may be less because your forearm can't twist any further, can only move in one direction and is effectively locked.

You can hold the handle at 90o by your side and in front of you when walking. You can also hold it at 90o to get less tremor when lifting to drink.

Some people with twisting forearm tremor find aligning the axis of rotation of the handle with their arm can bring greater stability as gravity will counteract the tremor and keep the cup more stable.

And Here Are Some More Ways To Get Stability...

You can also hold the cup with two hands. The impact of the tremor on the cup from the hand holding the handle is reduced due to the Rotatable Handle. This gives you more control.

Many people find turning the handle upside down 180o brings a lot more stability as the center of gravity is lowered.

In fact to get a really stable grip you can hold the handle upside down and place your fingers around the rim. Not only does this lower the center of gravity but your hand is also closer to the axis of gravity.

Finally, for stability, if you have reduced balance or dyskinesia or redyced balance when walking, you can let the cup swing freely and centrifugal force will keep the liquid in the cup.

How Do You Use The Hidden Lid™?

Push the lid onto the cup in your preferred position (left or right handed). The Hidden Lid™ is very discrete to preserve your dignity and has a number of benefits. It reduces the liquid flow, reduces spills and keeps drinks hotter for longer. You can drink through the drink hole or place a straw in the drink hole to extend the use of the cup.

It’s The #1 Recommend Solution For Making Drinking Easier By Increasing Control And Comfort, And NO Prescription is Required!

And you can use handSteady in complete confidence, knowing that it’s been recommended by leading healthcare practitioners specializing in neurology, rheumatology, orthopaedics and ageing, who have carefully reviewed it for its effectiveness -- and who use it with their own patients!

In fact, independent studies have shown that the Rotatable Handle™ in handSteady is the MOST effective alternative solution for difficulties with drinking cups due to tremor, pain, weakness and limited dexterity for some people available anywhere!

It is made with 100% BPA Free food safe polypropelene plastic that looks like bone china and has been carefully selected for its robustness and safety...

... and it’s available without a prescription!

Will handSteady Work For You?
Hear The Stories Of Just A Few Of The Hundreds of People It’s ALREADY Helped...

Will handSteady work for YOU?

Just take a look at a few case studies of people just like you, who were suffering with limited dexterity, pain, weakness, tremor and other debilitating health conditions, but are now living happy, healthy lives free of difficulty with the activity of drinking, thanks to handSteady...

Jackie Farrel, UK (Essential Tremor)

“So handSteady has definitely made a big change in my life. When one has a cup or a mug, the handle is fixed and most of the liquid doesn't remain in the cup. But with handSteady, with its unique design, I can rotate the handle and keep the liquid in the mug. One of the things I like about handSteady is that it looks similar to my ordinary cup. Going out, you just feel like everybody else with an ordinary mug.”

Kate Wilcher, UK (Dyskinesia / Parkinson's)

“The difference that handSteady has made for my life is that I'm not spilling drink all down the front of my jumper and on the floor. When I walk from the kitchen I can wobble the cup as much as I like and it doesn't spill. It's wonderful. handSteady makes me feel I'm not such a burden on those looking after me.”

John Brown, UK (MS)

“handSteady makes me feel quite secure when drinking because I have control of the cup, a bigger handle and the way it swings into your mouth. It's a lot easier to tilt into the mouth. The cup's handle is very easy to hold.”

Elizabeth, UK (ME)

“handSteady is easy to use, but takes a few times to get used to. It’s very adaptable, so whatever part of my hands isn’t working today, there’s some way I can lift the cup easily. My favourite is flipping the handle upside down and lifting from the top, which means I can keep my grip very level and reduce the strain on my wrist. It’s very lightweight compared to a solid china mug, so noticeably it doesn’t tire my arms out as much.”

Catherine Bailey, UK (Arthritis)

“I bought the handsteady for my mother who has multiple problems of arthritis and vascular Parkinson's to name just a couple. She recently scalded herself badly after a carer gave her a hot cup of tea which she dropped in her lap. She absolutely loves her handSteady. The large handle is a real bonus, the lid is a brilliant safety feature for her and the small gap for with a straw or drinking from is easy for her to use and also the fact that it stays in the upright position no matter how ham fisted she is on the day. She loves the fact that it looks like a ’normal’ mug so that we can take it out and about with us.”

What’s It Worth To Be Able To STOP Your Limited Dexterity, Tremor, Pain or Weakness From Making Drinking Difficult?

When you consider that a single trip to the doctor can easily set you back many hundreds of dollars (and that’s without running any kind of tests), and a basic prescription will often cost several dollars per pill...

... You’d expect a proven solution like handSteady to carry a steep price tag.

So you’ll be delighted to know that, even though handSteady is created from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, it’s available for the remarkably low price of just £15 (approx $20) plus shipping!

That’s just £0.29 ($0.44) per week over the next year to be FREE of the difficulty with the activity of drinking that’s been making your life so unpleasant for so long.

It’s a small price to pay, we’re sure you’ll agree...

You’re Covered By a 100% Moneyback Guarantee!

We understand that you’ve tried many solutions for your health condition before, only to be disappointed time and again, so you may be uncertain if handSteady will be any different.

It’s a fair point...

... So to put your mind at ease, we’re going to offer you an ironclad NO-RISK money back guarantee:

Try handSteady for the next 30 days, and see for yourself if it really can help your limited dexterity, pain, weakness or tremor. If you decide at any time after those first 30 days that it isn’t doing what I say it will, let us know, and we’ll refund ALL of your money... no questions asked!

In Just Five Minutes, You Can Be On Your Way To A Life FREE Of Difficulty With The Activity Of Drinking!

Are you ready to put an END to your limited dexterity, pain, weakness or tremor from making drinking with a cup difficult once and for all?!

To wake up in the morning knowing your day will be completely FREE of spilling drinks and difficulty with using cups that has been plaguing you... possibly for years?

Get your handSteady right away, and in just days, you’ll feel greater control, comfort, indepdence, dignity, confidence.

And remember, you’re fully covered by a 100% moneyback guarantee, so you’ve got NOTHING to lose giving handSteady a try. Nothing but your difficulty with the actvity of drinking, that is!

To get started with handSteady right now, simply follow the link below.

To your good health!

Chris Peacock

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P.S. We're about to go out of stock due to a recent surge in demand for handSteady cups from our new resellers. It will be approximately 6 weeks before we get new stock on. To get your handSteady now, be sure to get your handSteady right away!