handSteady Makes Drinking Easier In Just 5 Minutes.

handSteady drinking aids for disabled and elderly people are cups with a Rotatable Handle™ and Hidden Lid™.

I can now drink a full cup of tea for the first time in my life.

Mary Ramsay, Inverness

With handSteady I can drink a cup of builders tea without spilling it.

Russell Hensman, Hitchin

I really like it. I can put all my fingers into the handSteady handle.

Vincent, Norwich

handSteady is so much easier than an ordinary heavy china cup.

Diane Patient, Stevenage

Inventor, Chris Peacock

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Welcome to the handSteady website

Hi I'm Chris Peacock and I invented handSteady because a close family member has a health condition that makes drinking with standard cups difficult. As an inventor I knew I had to find an answer. Standard cups are difficult to use if you have:

Limited Dexterity
Slowness of Movement
Swallowing Difficulties
Joint or Muscle Pain and Stiffness

There’s nothing worse than spilling your drink over nice clothes and expensive furnishings. It can be embarassing, inconvenient, costly and unsafe. It's easy to prefer staying at home than socialise. Such isolation can lead to depression.

On this website you can discover how handSteady makes drinking easy again by addressing each symptom.

Cup designs have remained basically the same for thousands of years. The problem with standard cups is that they:

Are heavy, making them hard to hold.
Have handles which can often only hold two or three fingers.
Have handles fixed to the cup in just one position.

Fixed handles force you to twist your wrist, raise your elbow and lean your head back quite far. This can be painful, require a lot effort and sometimes be impossible.

It's amazing that in this age of technological advancement, that standard cups are still so unsatisfying to use for so many people. Why isn't there a better cup than what is currently available?

The goods news is handSteady instantly gives you a better drinking experience by solving the problems found with other cups. It's light, has a large handle & is the first cup with a unique rotatable handle. And this means handSteady has many unique benefits.

Click here to see how it works. See you on the next page,

Chris Peacock

handSteady - the answer for people who struggle with cups

Supported by Guys & St Thomas' Charity

The handSteady team would like to thank Guys and St Thomas’ Charity for making handSteady a reality by investing in our company.

Dr Michael Wright, Guys and St Thomas' Charity

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity aims to support innovations in health that will improve clinical care, as well as improve the general wellbeing of patients. We are delighted to have supported the development of handSteady, which is such a simple idea that promises to radically improve the quality of life of people living with a health condition.

See how handSteady works

See how handSteady stays upright, tilts easily and keeps steady