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We are a global healthcare company with one mission: we want to help people to make drinking easier, feel good and have a great quality of life.

The main way we help people drink easier is by manufacturing, marketing and distributing an innovative product called handSteady. It's a unique cup with a Rotatable Handle technology.

This feature has patents pending in 39 countries, and reduces spills and increases control and comfort for people with limited dexterity, tremor, pain, muscle weakness and other symptoms caused by a range of health conditions.

Users can hold the handle at any comfortable angle and in stable positions, and gravity will keep the upright. The cup can then be tilted by pivoting it with the mouth, the thumb or the other hand, without needing to raise the elbow, twist the wrist or lean the head back as far.

We produce the cups in China in a factory that is ISO9001 quality assurance certified and the produces the cups to comply with international food safety standards using BPA free material.

The cups are then either delivered by the pallet ex-works direct from China to our wholesaler, major retailer, pharmaceutical sales teams and healthcare clients in the Americas, Australia, Europe and Asia.

We also have a UK warehouse where we distribute orders to consumers that order via this website and fulfil smaller orders.

To nurture lifetime relationships with our consumers and encourage first and repeat purchases of handSteady, we also provide helpful information on ways they can make drinking easier and increase their quality of life.

Demonstration video

Here’s showing how the handSteady works:

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