Success Stories

Here are some case studies from some people who are using the handSteady every day to make difficulty with the activity of drinking a thing of the past:


"handSteady has made a big change in my life"

I've had Essential Tremor for 39 years. Wtih a normal cup the handle is fixed and most of the liquid doesn't remain in the cup. But with handSteady, I can rotate the handle and keep the liquid in the mug despite my tremor. It looks similar to my ordinary cup, so going out, you just feel like everybody else with an ordinary mug.”

- Jackie Farell, Surrey, UK


"Makes me feel much more confident"

"I have got Multiple Sclerosis and the control of my hands in using a mug has got worse which makes me feel very self-concious about spilling. handSteady makes me feel much more confident that I can get the cup to my mouth and drink it without spilling.”

- Judi Brun, Croydon, UK


"Makes me feel like I'm not such a burden"

"I have had Parkinson's for over 25 years. The difference that handSteady has made to my life is that I'm not spilling drink all down the front of my jumper and on the floor. I can wobble the cup as much as I like and it doesn't spill.”

- Kate and Alan Wilcher, Ramsay, UK


"A lot easier to tilt"

"handSteady makes me feel quite secure when drinking because I have control of the cup, a bigger handle and the way it swings into your mouth. It's a lot easier to tilt into the mouth. The cup's handle is very easy to hold.””

- John Brown, London, UK


“He didn't think it would help him. But after a few days he's using it all the time now”

We bought the hand steady mug for my father-in-law who has early Parkinsons disease and other problems. We got him to persevere with the mug as initially he didn't think it would help him. But after a few days he's using it all the time now, and it's definitely helped him. We have recommended it to others who have the same symptoms and would recommend it to others.

- Brian and Valerie Donaldson

“Not getting the drinks to my mouth... all that is in the past”

“I have severe bilateral tremor in both hands. Making either hot or cold drinks has been an absolute nightmare for me, not only getting the drinks to my mouth but also from the kitchen to my living room. With the handsteady, all that is in the past, thank you so much.”

- Michael Logan

“It doesn't tire my arms out as much”

“handSteady is easy to use, but takes a few times to get used to. It’s very adaptable, so whatever part of my hands isn’t working today, there's some way I can lift the cup easily. My favourite is flipping the handle upside down and lifting from the top, which means I can keep my grip very level and reduce the strain on my wrist. It’s very lightweight compared to a solid china mug, so noticeably it doesn’t tire my arms out as much.”

- Elizabeth

“This mug has enabled me to go out and mix socially without the embarassment of spilling my drink everywhere.”

“I particularly like the discrete lid which means it looks like I am drinking from a mug with an unusual handle rather than a 'tommy tippy' mug which all my local disability shop had be able to offer me.”

- Marie Noon

“I feel like I have just won the lottery”

“I just had a hot cup of tea NOT in a travel mug for the first time in two years. I had not expected the pain reduction in the ability to drink without tilting my neck back. I lifted a full, glass of water off the counter with no top and no spilling. I feel like I just won the lottery. It's a life changer!”

- Anne Cammozzi, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I can now enjoy a full cup of tea”

"Before buying handSteady, by the time I got my cup to my table I only had half a cup left and had to wash the floor, table etc. I can now enjoy a full cup of tea. It is amazing and simple piece of equipment that has made a huge difference to my life."

John, Aberdeen

“Dad hasn’t spilled a drop of coffee since he’s had it”

“My father was getting embarrassed about always spilling his coffee when he went out. He had been talking about getting a toddlers drinking cup, but I didn't want that as it seems so degrading. So I was delighted when I went online and found these handSteady mugs. They are absolutely wonderful. We have now taken it to about five different cafes and everyone has been happy to give him his drink in it. It looks like a normal mug, but it does work and Dad hasn't spilled a drop of coffee since he's had it.”

- Jan Wright,Isle of White, UK

The ease of drinking this cup has provided him he loves it and is grateful there are no more spillages. So thank you.”

"handSteady was purchased for my grandfather who has a tremor in his hand which he is very conscious of and whilst he was not thrilled with the thought of using a different cup from every one else he is now thrilled with the ease of drinking this cup has provided him he loves it and is grateful there are no more spillages. So thank you.”

Louise kitchin, UK

“My wife has been extremely glad of her handSteady cup and takes it almost everywhere she goes.”

- Mark Harris